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An overview of the pages on this web site

The following list shows all the most important pages and files in convenient groups.

General files
Home page
Site map (this page!)
Online payments
Web-site privacy policy
Design engineering (electronics & software)
Electronic engineering information
Previous projects
Chemical dosing equipment
Specific skills
Production line test equipment
Test equipment information
List of GNU/Linux technical articles (FREE access)
Public technical notes
IP ratings (ingress protection)
Resistor colour code
Imperial and metric equivilent screw sizes
Opera web browser: modified search configuration file, more suited to the UK
Miscellaneous items, exquisitely obscure but provided here as a public service to that tiny minority of people who want them.
C32C cross assembler information
Software archive: useful DOS utility programs
The dangers of software patents
Information about InterACE SSTV software
Items for sale

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